The Institut Valencià de Finances (IVF), created by Law 7/1990, on Budgets of the Generalitat, is an entity of public law of a business nature, of those provided for in article 2.3 of LAW 1/2015, of the Public Treasury , of the Public Instrumental Sector and of Grants. Its legal regime is established in Law 5/2013 of fiscal measures, administrative management and organization of the Generalitat, according to the wording given by Decree Law 5/2015, of the Consell.

The IVF has its own legal personality and full capacity to act for the fulfillment of its purposes, being currently attached to the Conselleria de Hacienda, Economía y Administración Pública

This body has the purpose of acting as the main instrument of the financial policy of the Consell.

Currently the IVF is governed by Decree 118/2018, of August 3, of the Consell, which approves the Organic and Functional Regulation of this entity, which is consolidated as "financial intermediary at the service of the development of society Valencian ". The new organization of the IVF and the adaptation of its governing bodies to the structures of the private credit entities respond to the objective of increasing transparency, legal security and efficiency in risk management, without prejudice to the agility required by the exercise of the functions that the IVF has entrusted.